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Volume rendering in Matlab using inbuilt GUI functions

  1. Aug 3, 2010 #1
    Hi there.
    I have become a bit stuck with a little project I am working on. I have a series of RGB Tiff images which I have loaded into matlab, over 120 seperate images in total. I am hoping to use the functionality of matlab to render a volume by stacking each of the 2D images one top of another. I would like to in matlab define a cube where at each z position there is a different image. I have managed to render grey scale values in the z direction but I loose most of the information I was hoping to gain from a 3D model.

    What I would like is a GUI built which has a sliding scale at the bottom to go from 0 to 120 in the z direction and display the different images at the different locations.

    This is just a start and I would like to develop the program much further. Does anyone know of a good place to start?

    Any help would be great guys

    p.s. I dont think MATLAB is built for true colour image volume rendering but I like the language and it is very easy to distribute the code to others
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