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I Volumetric flow rate and Force

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    Does Pressure multiplied by volume multiplied by volumetric flow rate equal Force?
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    What do the units work out as?
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    N/m2 x m3 x m3/s so Nm4/s
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    Can you describe each term? It looks like you have an extra m^3 in there...?
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    the equation is pAdeltaL * dv/dt

    so pressure times volume times change in length time volumetric flow rate
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    The equation has pressure p.
    Area A
    Incremental length delta L
    Incremental volume dv/dt

    Are you not double-dipping? You have both area times incremental length and incremental volume?
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    In terms of a flowing fluid, there are multiple terms that contribute to force. One of them happens to be from pressure and looks like ##pA## (or rather ##\int p\;dA##). Your term has a bunch of extra stuff in it. My suspicion is that you are trying to combine too many physical effects into a single term rather than separating their contributions. Specifically, pressure effects and momentum change effects must be treated separately (though there are relationships between some of those variables).
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