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Voluntary muscle movments

  1. Jul 7, 2004 #1
    Why is it that some people can move muscles and others can't?
    Like why can't i flare my nostrals?
    is it weird my friend can voluntary contract and relax his scrotum up and down?

    please post any strange voluntary muscle movments you can do.
    Why can somepeople do it and not others?
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    i have a freakish degree of control. i can flare my nostrils, move my toes with some control, my nose, my ears, my whole...general....scalp region, my pecs, and i can move my tongue and adams apple both really fast. i can do the scrotum thing too. just suck it up, then let it go. penis too, contract and relax.

    p.s. this topic is very disturbing
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    The scrotum thing is kinda rare but not unheard-of. And those who do not naturally posses the ability can learn it with lots of rpactice. In fact, it is taught as a martial-art technique to protect against groin kicks.
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    My younger daughter can make multiple folds in the tip of her tongue. It's really weird, I've seen some people on tv do it.
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    rare? yay i feel so special
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    I have verticle scrotum control, didn't think it was special...

    To answer your question, when something stops being used, it's lack of mobility stops being a negative thing. Humans a long time ago lost the need to move their ears, and people who couldn't move their ears were just as likely to survive as people who couldn't. Simmilarly, people who were born unable to move their scrotum, flare their nostrils, move specific toes etc. had no real disadvantage, and thus were just as likely to survive as people who couldn't.
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    Has there actually been a study asking people if they can move their scrotum up and down? And then a further study to see if the trait can be aquired?
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    After close examination i have discoverd i can verticaly move my scrotum slightly by contracting a muscle which seems to be inbetween the muscles i use to stop mid-way through urinating and the muscle i use to contract my anal sphincter.

    I don't think muscle movements is totaly an evolutionary trait, i think they can be learned. Martial arts people can learn to control alot more of there muscles through meditative techniques, they can even change their heart rate. Is there any of these muscle movments affected by genetics?
  10. Aug 17, 2004 #9
    i can vibrate my own eardrums. i have no idea how it is possible, but i can flex some muscles somewhere around my head and i feel my middle ear vibrating and it sounds like im in the middle of an avalanche. is that really weird?
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