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Vor Test

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    I really confuse about VOR circuit test of couse I mean for aviation, I wanna know how is it working? If anyone has idea about that Please tell me.:frown:

    Thx alot :rolleyes:
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    I would not expect many here know what that acronym is? I had to look it up VOR (vhf omnidirectional range) ref1 If your trying to understand how VOR works, the reference I gave should get you off and running..

    If your trying to understand the circuitry in a VOR system, please elaborate on your question. What does your circuit look like?
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    The Wikipedia article linked by Ouabache explains very well how the VOR systems works. In plain english, a VOR signal is composite, and consists of both a non-rotating signal and a rotating signal. The VOR receiver can measure the difference in phase between the two to determine direction.

    Pilots using VOR often fly so-called "Victor airways", flight paths defined by specific radials to or from VOR stations.

    - Warren
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