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Vortex Lattice Method - can anyone help?

  1. Sep 3, 2009 #1
    Hey all,
    I'm in my final year of Aerospace Engineering student and I've recently been trying to develop some work where i want to measure the roll rate plus some other aerodynamic characteristics of a jet aircraft in both its standard configeration and with a basic morphing wing. I initially was trying to just use a modified lifting line theory to get some initial results before I would implement a 2D and finally a 3D CFD model. Though now due to time restraint I may not be able to do a 3D model so I require some more accurate preliminary data. It has been recommended to me that for better results I should use the vortex lattice method.
    Although I didn't know a lot about the lifting line theory i could at least get started, though for the vortex lattice method I know nothing. I was wondering if anyone has any advise or suggestions about how I could get started with some research and learn how to use this method.
    Also in my own research I've come across a program call Tornado which is a matlab representation of the vortex lattice method which is what I was intending to create, I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about this program and if so if they could tell me much about it and if its worth using at least as a starting reference.

    If anyone has any advise at all that would be much appreciated as I'm, a bit lost at the moment. Also if its easier feel free to email me on monkeyman_72@hotmail.com.

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