Vortex Panel Method

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    Can anybody tell me where I can find the complete derivation of the vortex panel method (book / webpage)? It's easy enough to see where the fundamental equation comes from, but completing the integration etc. to get it in the form of influence coefficients is beyond me. I have the solution, but no maths or explanation to go with it and I haven't found anything on the net.

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  3. In case you're wondering exactly what equations I'm talking about, I've attached them to this post. Problem.GIF shows the fundamental equations. Solution.GIF shows the equations in the more usuable form, the derivation of which I can't find.

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  4. If anyone's interested, or somebody later digs up this topic, I've found a book that covers many different panel methods and techniques including the linear vortex panel method I mentionned above (different approach though to solving): "Low speed aerodynamics: from wing theory to panel methods" (Katz & Plotkin). It was very hard to get hold of, but was worth the effort.
  5. how these equations are derived? anyone who can put these here?
  6. Hi All ,

    Currently , i m using xfoil for sinmulation but i need the numerics of xfoil - viscous; vortex panel method with boundary layer analysis. Can anyone share with me

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