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Vote for my video please!

  1. May 24, 2010 #1
    Vote for my video please! :)

    Hello Everybody!

    So I am in the Seattle International Film Festival Online, and for my video to win, I need the most votes with the highest rating. I created this video with a friend during a summer internship for a show on PBS called "In the Mix." It is called Shawn Harris: Personal Trainer, and it is about a young personal trainer who shares how far he has pushed himself in pursuit of his dream.

    Sign up takes two seconds and to vote simply got to the page, scroll your mouse over the stars, and click. When they stars turn blue it means you voted. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope you like it! :)

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    Re: Vote for my video please! :)

    Sorry I voted for the other guys.
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