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News Vote for us or you're gonna DIE! DIE DIE

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Vote for us or you're gonna DIE! DIE!! DIE!!!

    The Bush strategy.

    Dooooooon't be fooled. Its a LIE! LIE!! LIE!!!

    On a related note
    -- David Letterman
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    Apparently John Kerry believes Gen. Tommy Franks & Lt. Gen. Michael "Rifle" DeLong are liars.

    Or maybe John Kerry was there, and the two officers in charge of the opperations were on vacation at the time.

    Look, if you guys want to attack either candidate, get the info right, and stop repeating the spin and rhetoric.

    If you want to attack Bush on the military campaign, the two valid points are:
    1. Shouldn't have gone into Iraq (if you don't believe in pre-emptive attacks)
    2. Post-Saddam Iraq.
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