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Votes or likes to answers?

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    votes or likes to answers??


    I am not sure if it is here where I can make this question, but here I go. I am practically new to this forum, in some forums that I have been part of there is a "like" button or a "vote" button, or points for the people who answer your questions, I haven't seen any of them in here, am I missing them or just there isn't. I feel sometimes rude because I can't do anything else but thank the person who answered my question.

    Thank you
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    Re: votes or likes to answers??

    We get this suggestion a lot, the thread micro has linked to contains links to former threads and just looking at this current page in the Feedback Forum I count two more other than this one

    Hopefully these can answer your questions. Also in my experience just thanking someone for their help is enough, if you want to go further you could send a visitor or private message.
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