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Voting back up?

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    WIth the thread, "Which subjects in theoretical physics do undergrads find most difficult?" In Acadmic and couse advice subforum, Could you please allow people to be able to vote again, indefinitely into the future? Voting seemed to have stoped after 1 day. Thanks.

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    The poll looks open to me. Maybe someone already took care of it and didn't get a chance to return here to comment on it. If you're still seeing it as a closed poll, report back, because it would suggest the mentors are seeing something different than you there, which shouldn't be the case on a poll.
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    I also see that the pole is open.
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    Actually I realised that I have already voted and that is why when I look at it, it seems closed. Each person can only vote once as I have specified. So there is no problem.
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