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News Voting machine problems and voters being struck from the rolls

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    I saw on the news (ABC & Fox) that voters in swing states are being struck from the rolls in some states - Mississippi - ~ 10,000 I'm not sure how true the report is but it is disturbing in a deja-vu kinda way. There are also problems with the machines in Fl. and some other states. Do any of you think that this election will get usurped like the previous one?:grumpy:
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    We are only scratching the surface. This guy has a lot more. The info is suppose to go mainstream today.

    Republican Stephen Spoonamore on election fraud. ( additional videos in the link )


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    http://www.nogw.com/images/diebold_pres.jpg [Broken]
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    OMG, thats tragic!!! They admit to it. Heeeyyy, didn't somebody just design that to spoof Diebold?
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    Erm, I don't think that is their actual logo!
    Of course they might have reached the point where they really don't care anymore!

    They did recently rename their election machine division - it was getting such bad press that nobody would trust/use/buy Diebold ATMs or ticket machines anymore.
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    THE PERFECT MATCH is the latest scheme I have heard of. If a person's voter registration info is slightly different than information found in public records, the person comes under suspicion.

    For instance if a person is registered to vote as John Q Doe and has his vehicle registered as John Quincy Doe, he may be listed as a possible duplicate registration.

    http://www.theolympian.com/opinion/story/594525.html [Broken]

    The same thing appears to be happening in Colorado

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    Ohio is allowing same day registration-vote. The problem with that could be voter fraud.

    On another note and back to the topic... I saw this

    Theres a link to this PDF file -
    http://projectvote.org/fileadmin/ProjectVote/Policy_Briefs/Project_Vote_Policy_Brief_8_Voter_ID.pdf [Broken]
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