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Homework Help: VPython project involving black-hole and stellar object.

  1. Nov 15, 2012 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    My partner and I are doing a project for our introductory Honor's Physics course, in which we must use VPython to explore a theoretical concept in physics. We were able to choose whichever topic we wished, although it had to be approved, and it had to be theoretical. Our goal is to model the orbit of a stellar object around a black-hole-like object, using special relativity and fundamental principles that we learned in our course (which we know will probably be less accurate than a non-relativistic Newtonian model.) The problem is that General Relativity seems to be the only viable path to creating such a model, but we are nowhere near knowledgeable or 'academically mature' enough to implement it, at least from what we can tell. Since the project was approved, we assume that it is doable, since that is the primary criteria for the screening process. I just would like to verify if this is doable, with our current level of knowledge, and if so - what direction might be a good path to start? We are freshman students taking an introductory course that focuses on programming applications and theoretical allusions (Dark matter is a frequent topic, for example.) The course focuses on constructing idealistic physical models using the basic concepts we learn. I hope that gives a clear enough picture of our experience, thus far. Thank you!
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