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Vulcanizing soybean oil

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    Does anyone know of any chemicals that will vulcanize soybean oil? I only know of two chemicals at the moment- Magnesium oxide, and sulfur. I have tried these chemicals and they do work. The one made with magesium oxide is very shapeable and deforms into a blob if left alone.
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    Maybe you have discovered a dilatent filler for your soybean oil?

    The double bonds of the soybean oil can be vulcanized in ways almost identical to that of natural or synthetic rubbers. Google can help you find many of them. There are too many to list here. You should ignore any references to "alpha olefin" crosslinking reagents. You should also look into 'blown oil' as it pertains to soybean oil. The blown oils have additional functionality (derived from the cis double bonds) that can be crosslinked.
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