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W or NoPass ?

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    W or NoPass ???

    What looks worse on a transcript, W or NP?

    Also, are there ways to withdraw from a Pass/NoPass class with an Incomplete to be finished later? Of course this might be case by case. Basically I am asking this: If you are in danger of getting a NoPass in a class, what is the best recourse? The catch is that you keep your financial aid if your GPA stays above 3.0, so it is in your interest to focus on the classes that you are not failing. So, what to do with the P/NP class that you are not passing (which takes time away from the classes you ARE passing that can save your GPA)?
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    Re: W or NoPass ???

    Depends on your university. Ask someone who knows the local policies, or look on your university's web site.
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    Re: W or NoPass ???

    How bad does a "No Pass" look on a transcript? Considering things like grad school apps...
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    Re: W or NoPass ???

    Given the option I'd go for the W, to my mind a NP looks about as good as a D/F. My two cents at least.
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