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W+ W- collision

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    I was just wondering, what would happen when a W+ boson and a W- boson collide?
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    Since they are antiparticles of each other they would annihilate.
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    I thought they form a Z particle. Since the W are themselves affected of the weak force.
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    To the best of my knowledge they would annihilate each other. However, I have not looked into details, so it might be that the W and Z bosons are different somehow. I have simply never seen anything that said that.
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    Take a look at

    The lagrangian terms with a W+ W- and something else are the simplest vertices involving that collision.

    I see W+ W- >>>>
    AA ZZ AZ
    Higgs terms, etc

    Where A = photon, Z = Z boson and WW = another W+ W- pair.
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