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Wa Ribbons

  1. Dec 12, 2005 #1


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    Wa Ribbons!!

    I guess they were there like last week. I just saw Danger's a second ago. Looks weird. I guess I just like the old ones.
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  3. Dec 12, 2005 #2
    Yep, they've been there for about a week, I can't believe you just now noticed them! :surprised
  4. Dec 12, 2005 #3
    I don't see them! :cry: :cry:
  5. Dec 12, 2005 #4


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    I just saw them
  6. Dec 13, 2005 #5
    Nope I still don't see them. At all.

    Are you sure you aren't just messing with my head?
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    With the Classic skin, I don't see them.
  8. Dec 13, 2005 #7
    maybe that's why, I'm still using classic too.

    edit: I just switched to nexus and now I have last year's ribbon.
  9. Dec 13, 2005 #8
    Shift+Ctrl+R, in firefox, to reload page and override cache.
  10. Dec 13, 2005 #9

    I already tried that. Didn't work. I wound up closing firefox, and manually deleting all the cache files. That did work.
  11. Dec 13, 2005 #10
    Ohh, I am surprised that did not work, but you figured it out :smile:
  12. Dec 13, 2005 #11

    As was I. The only thing I can think is that I was viewing the page at the time it was displaying the wrong ribbons when I tried it. But its all good now.
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