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Wacked alternative energy ideas

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    I had started an alternative energy thread in the tech. area. I have some wacked ideas about alternative power sources that are out of the realm of what are sound ideas for the logical person. Because of this I thought that if I posted here I could get some open minded thoughts and ideas on alternative power sources. Although I think my ideas are viable, they are not mainstream and easily acceptable. I will post one for you to start.
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    I have an idea for an alternative power source, but it is way out there and was wondering what you think of it. I remember reading about Nicola Tesla's earthquake machine, heres a link I looked up http://members.tripod.com/~Glove_r/Tesla.html I am unsure of its accuracy but leads to the point I would like to make. Basicly the earth is resonating at a specific frequency like a bell here is another link http://ourworld.compuserve.com/home...ng/jbspage7.htm [Broken]
    and with his oscillator running at the resonant freq of the earth would it be possible to load the machine down without causeing it to stop? I believe the power source that drives it, is from the earths natural vibration caused via cosmic energy bombarding the earth all the time. Like I said the idea is out there.
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    I don't think the earth vibrates enough to drive a machine.

    Here's mine (not as out there):

    Send a handful of hundred square mile relfectors into space to beam sunlight down to solar plants on earh. We could provide the world's electricity that way. We'd just need to keep planes from flying through the beam (zap).
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    Ivan Seeking

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    People are actually working on this one. Also, one side benefit pops up: fried sparrow. Mmmmmm.
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    I think magnetohydrodynamic generators could provide an alternative way of generating power in the future. A mercury vortex generator would be an interesting experiment, but I admit I know next to nothing about the subject.
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    i still think fusion has the most potensial in it.
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    In his Manhattan lab, Tesla made the earth into an electric tuning fork. He managed to get a steam-driven oscillator to vibrate at the same frequency as the ground beneath him (like Ella Fitzgerald breaking the glass with her voice in those old Memorex commercials).

    The result? An earthquake on all the surrounding city blocks. The buildings trembled, the windows broke, and the plaster fell off the walls.

    I think the earth does vibrate enough, even a small amount would be enough considering the size of the earth.
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    Re: Re: wacked alternative energy ideas

    I have to agree, I heard that Bush signed off on it. I think they will have a prototype running soon. http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns9999999
    so yes we are indeed on the way

    What about this though?http://www.frank.germano.com/blackbox.htm [Broken]
    Teslas Black Box? What was he up to?
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    You sure thats not one of the Tesla myths? There are quite a few.
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    I suppose, I am not completely sure that it is not a myth. I thought it was in the Manhattan newspaper. How would I look for it there unless I dug up some old microfiche?
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    Well, I tend to think that there is something to Tesla's work, while some may be rumour.

    I've had an idea as of recent, and it kinda sounds like perpetual motion, but I promise I've learned my lesson.

    See, you start out with some type of renewable energy source, I was thinking along the lines of solar power.

    You design a system that can charge a bank of batterys, I had car batterys in mind.

    The solar panels only purpose in life is to recharge batterys.

    You use the energy stored in the batterys to run a small electric motor, which, through essentially one of my old PM ideas, using proper gearing to turn a generator and create a larger voltage then what is produced from the batterys.

    I mean, I've actually had a machine, very small scale, that would run overnight, using only 2 rechargable 1.5v AA's.

    My problem, is I tried to use the output of the generator to recharge the AAs. This of course is a no no, and stopped the operation of the machine.

    What I propose, is that instead of using the output to recharge the batterys, you use solar power/mini-hydroelectric, wind or whatever.

    And solar tech has come quite some ways as well. I was reading about a panel that can actually get a usable voltage from a house light. They have material that reminds me of window tint, and I read about a paint that will be solar. I think there is quite some merrit to this idea, but you guys are the pros, so lemme let yall check it out before I waste cash trying to build it.

    If this seems like utter nonsense, maybe I can scan some of my drawings in and show you.

    Also, thinking of thermoelectric again, would one be able to generate a decent amount of energy by placing these on say, a rooftop, with something like waterlines running underneath, to provide the temp indifference, and use the heat from the sun to produce energy? Anyone who has ever done any roofing work knows it gets real hot on a black rooftop.

    Oh well, seems like the right place for this, since it is likely to be "whacked out".
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    I am unsure about your first idea; I don't understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. As far as your second with the thermoelectric generators, I like that idea. I would like to suggest an addition to that idea. There are all kinds of solar ideas. One is to use a solar panel to heat water that runs under the house in a rock bed that stores the heat energy then you use an exchanger to heat your house. This helps with the heat bill but does not run your refrigerator of course. My suggestion is actually simple but maybe never thought of. Design a solar panel that produces electricity from both photons and heat this could if designed correctly give you power on a 24 hour basis. There are solar shingles that you can install on a roof that are dual purpose, keeps the rain out and produces electricity. Here http://www.crystalbay.net/solar-panels/index.html#supersolar
    My suggestion is to combine this technology with this technology.www.hi-z.com somehow utilize both to create power at all times. As long as you have light and heat you have electricity, you could even supplement it with a small windmill if needed.
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    I dont think it can be so easily dismissed, this stuff is way beyond me so I do not have a clue whether it has any validity or not. Seems like a few labs/universities are testing the theory behind it though see:

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    It isn't beyond you because there simply isn't anything to it. Its all meaningless technobabble.

    Essentially though, the crux of the idea is that you can cause a hydrogen atom's electron to revert to a state below ground state, which is of course a contradiction in terms. Everything else on the two websites you posted is just filler.

    edit: hmm, just realized I had too many atomsm in there...
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    I agree, a total hoax.
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    Well the thread is called 'wacked alternative energy ideas' lol.
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    very true, Wacked does mean messed up so I suppose it is fitting for this thread
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