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Anybody ever seen the movie "waking life"?

Any thoughts?


isn't it just the BEST movie?!?! i saw it ages ago but will never forget it. i spent all day today at an accordian workshop thinking 'why can't i play like that?', the soundtrack is as good as the movie, but the movie...

some, infact, alot of people say the waking life is just a pretentious attempt at being philosophical and has no merit as a movie or a work of philosophy. personally i found this movie to be simply too breathtaking to even consider the pretentious possibilities, yes maybe they did go a bit philosophy student wank but i simply don't give a damn! the philosophy wasn't revolutionary, there were lots of interesting ideas that deserved such an exploration, but it was more the presentation of these ideas that made this movie great. it might not have made you think anything new (if you were a thoughtful and learned sort of person) but it just made you THINK! but more importantly, feel! this movie is an experience, ideas shmideas, essentially it's about how you feel. there is a bit where something funny happens, or is said, and everyone around you in the theatre laughs, a deep true laugh with no cares, and then there is this moment, and you turn around and everyone has tears in their eyes.

the most shocking thing for me watching this movie was realising how some things i thought unique to my dreams were actually universal, and now i can actually recognise those things and engage in lucid dreaming as is suggested by the movie, there is no philosphical experiment more worthwhile then a good lucid dream, i have discussed here before my experiences with trying to convince someone they don't exist, makes you really think...

a site on lucid dreaming:

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