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Waking up in pain and TMI

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    In the last month or so, I have been waking up with my kidney area painfully stiff. This is not the same kind of pain I might get after straining my back during a day of heavy lifting. It feels like I've spent the night bent over backwards, as if I am on my belly but with several pillows under my head. (I only sleep with one pillow.)

    The pain goes away quickly enough - after just a half hour or so as I go about my day. Itr's not a deep pulle dmuscle kind of pain, though it is still quite difficult to move for the morning.

    When I was young I slept on my back. When I got married, the snoring became a problem and I got used to sleeping on my side/belly. I've lately swtiched back to sleeping on my back as that seems to go a long way toward waking up without pain.

    The one thing that's changed in the last few months is that I've gained ten pounds, which accumulates around my belly.

    It's no surprise that gaining weight would cause back pain, I'm just trying to figure out why my back would get stiff when I'm sleeping on my belly.
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    Maybe it's time for a new mattress!
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    Dave, have you had a physical?
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    stewart may be right. My leg has been hurting for the last 3 days because of my mattress
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    Do you still snore? Maybe your back is sore because your wife is kicking you at night to wake you up and stop the snoring. :uhh: :biggrin:
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    Yeah. I sleep like a log on hard mattresses. I'vce been bugging my wife for something new. I'll bug her more.

    Why? You available? :biggrin:

    I get a checkup every year or so. I got a sleep study done just ten months ago...

    Heh. No, what she does is bounce. But I'll check that with her. Somehow...
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    I don't think 10lbs of weight gain would cause a significant difference.
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    One would think not, but surprisingly, it does, and in surprising ways. For example, a mere ten pounds weight gain will make the differnece between tolerable snoring and waking-the-dead snoring. Kind of a nasty circle, isn't it?
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    Hahaha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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