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Homework Help: Walking on the moon

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    During a walk on the Moon, an astronaut accidentally drops his camera over a 14.7 m cliff. It leaves his hands with zero speed, and after 2.2 s it has attained a velocity of 3.3 m/s downward. How far has the camera fallen after 4.3 s?

    3. The attempt at a solution

    y= y0+vyot-.5gt^2
    y=14,7-.5(9.8) 4.3^2
    My answer was not correct and I have no idea where to begin again! Please help
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    Shooting Star

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    First find the g on the moon by using the info that its speed is 3.3 m/s after 2.2 s. Do you know the formula connencting initial and final speeds, accn and time?

    Then find the dist covered in 4.3 s by using the formula you've written above.

    The height of the cliff plays no major role in all this, except to tell us that the camera has not crashed into the ground before 4.3 s.
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