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Walking the wrong way through a wormhole?

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    if you walk through the back of the event horizon, would you appear on the other side, particle-by-partcile, back-to-font???
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    Nope. It's pretty much impossible that you'd ever find, or be able to create, a wormhole big enough for a human to traverse.
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    If you mean that if you are in a BH and if you try to come out through the event horizon,its not possible.The event horizon of a BH keeps coming outwards at the velocity of light, so you have to fire your rockets in such a way that you reach the velocity of light..not possible.Once you are inside a BH, you are bound to hit singularity..no remorse.If you avoid singularity in someway , then do tell me.So once you are inside a BH, dont try anything funny, just sitback and relax, enjoy the ride.
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    sorry, event horizon is a bad word to use, i'm talking about wormholes, not black holes, i forgot all about the post about not being able to create a large enough WH...

    i was getting this awnser for a stargate forum, but it turns out the stargate itself couldn't ever actually exist atall...
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    Most wormholes in physics do not have event horizons. (This is one of many places where the TV series Stargate diverges from actual physics.)

    The standard physics book on wormholes is Visser's "Lorentzian wormholes" - unfortunately I don't have it. Someone who should know was telling me once that it was possible for a non-fictional wormhole to have an event horizon, but they didn't go into any details.
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    i didnt think EH's were a WH thing

    i just remembered that the EH on the stargate is meant to be a visual representation of where to walk to get to the other side,. i would expect some sort of image of the other side
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    Do observers actually ever reach an "event horizon" relative to themselves?
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    An observer on earth would never observe another person reaching the event horizon because of light taking enormous time to reach the observer and thus 'time-dilation' effect takes place.
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    Event Horizon

    A worm hole exists between two points in space. Due to the fractal nature of the universe, there are places one may go where the laws just do not work, not because they are invalid, but because certain energies are in existence at that spot, frequencies match up, and other properties just seem to exert themselves. Somewhat like a Euphoria of forces, where they all just mash together and become existent only. I would call this a resonating point. Just as with electrical circuits, resistance will drop significantly at a point where frequency matches up just so. Once a person enters this domain ( if they could) a whole new world would exist.
    Lets tell the story of two towns. The exist in reality a distance of 10 Km apart. The first town is inside a crater, with a mountain on all sides. The mountain drops off as you go away further from the town, and there is the second town. The mountain is some height, so walking to the other town is no simple A to B travel.
    By taking the worm hole, it allows you to get to the second town by A to B travel. The reason is because the forces of nature have all mashed up and an energy field surrounds one entrance to the Worm Hole. The mashing up just happens to make it possible that enough energy is imparted upon the traveler to pass through the mountain. He does not need to walk any harder, it is just as if the rock does not oppose him. So the walk of 10 Km is reduced to but a few. The only energy needed is that to walk the few Km to the next town.
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