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Wanna get messy with Quantum Cakes?

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    I am trying to understand the very basics of entanglement. I've read the Mermin article with the machines the light up red and green, and the quantum cakes article http://chaos.swarthmore.edu/courses/phys6_2004/QM_PDF/AJP68_2000c.pdf"

    I'm trying to figure out if nonlocality is a real, mind-blowing fact or does it only appear to exist when you allow yourself to believe that quantum systems "have properties without being measured."

    The cakes article seems to me to suggest the latter, based on the first full sentence on p.35 of that article (the sentence beginning "In particular..."). This sentence talks about the 9% of cakes with quick-rising batter, but this group only exists if we do two rising measurings, so how can we talk about this group in other contexts?
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