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Want a good laugh?

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    Listen to NPR when they take in calls from all the nutjobs. I was listening to something on the drive today. People were calling in saying we need to legalize drugs because that way police can spend more time doing other things. And that capitalism is bad and this is a result of competition. And we shouldnt have competition. Then another guy called in and said the problem is these commies trying to ruin the capitalistic society and should leave all the trade alone.

    And these donkies get to vote? -jeezus....

    I like NPR for the classical music they play. Otherwise its.........yikes. All the nutjobs start calling from their basements while playing dungeons and dragons.

    These people are cracked out hippies/super conservatives with a collective IQ of 0.
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    now you know how I felt in the political forum reading your posts. nut job.

    Note to mentors: this is not really an insult so don't ban me. Me and this nut job are on okay terms.
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    I have lost faith in the people of this nation...Really, who HAS a brain anymore?
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    Chi Meson

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    I listen to NPR often enough to know that you are making a generalized sweeping statement based on an occasional nutjob. Keep in mind, at least the nutjobs are confined to merely calling in. On most radio "news shows," the nutjobs are the hosts.

    I HAVE noticed a trend recently, that there are a lot more conservative callers phoning in to some shows (Diane Rehm show, and Talk of the Nation, especially) to spew a rote "talking point" that they picked up from their "grassroots" coordinator. This is part of the system of political amateurs that bombard newspapers with letters-to-the-editor, and post firey messages on blogs. Its the ones who are most left and right that are persistent in calling in, but still, I disagree strongly that the nutjobs are the majority of callers.

    Its funny, you can sometimes tell when a caller doesn't actually listen to the news shows; the ones who listen make a short comment, or have a succinct question and then say something like: "and I'll take my answer off the air." The spewers tend to go on and on until they have to be cut off by the host.

    What specific show were you listing to to spark this tirade? Remember, some shows on "public radio" are not actually "NPR."
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    Chi Meson

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    [Font = invisible to nutjobs]The both of them being nutjobs, no harm done![/Font]

    [Font = normal people font]Have a nice day :smile:[/Font]
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    ?????? I do. How else could I comprehend your question?
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