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Want a start - for UCL & LCL

  1. Nov 4, 2008 #1
    Nominal value = 0.5; specification limits ± 0.5...find the % of non-conformance below LCL and above UCL produced by this process assuming normality??? The data set given to me has 1 reading out of the limits given here? should i calc. like that? no right? or it has a generalized equation?

    since it also says when msmnt. below LCL $2 to rework and when above UCL $6 to scrap and cost=0 when msmnt between spec. limits. Asking where should be the process mean located to minimize expected cost?

    So my assumption is probably wrong that the data set values should be used in this case....can anyone give me a start to this question...just a brief idea? Have calc values of X bar , R and σ.....maybe an eqn. based on that???
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