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Want help in my work.

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    Sorry if I am posting in the wrong section. I do not get where to post this query in the forum.
    So I am posting it here.

    I am working on factorization of prime product from 5 months. As I have no partner and being an average student It has been 5 months to get a formula and verifying it.

    I have a formula to factorize large numbers like 244,691,047,451 into two factors in a single step. I cant really promise as this work is not already there. But as internet as a limit , I have searched it I found no traces of my work. Also I wont say It is the best work for factorization at present. Because my work is not checked by anyone and I got not mathematics lecturer neat to me and who can understand me. And the work now is in an uncomplete state to give it to websites like arxiv.

    How large the number may be the numbers following the pattern of above number is only factorized in single step. Others need two, three and so on to factorize . What I mean is some times large numbers like above(244,691,047,451) require single step to factorize and small numbers like (581) require 3 steps to factorize.

    But by doing further work on it can simplify other numbers into single step. May be As being a student, having my subjects to study or may be due to weary in the persistent work, I think Now need help of some one talented like teachers or professors or researchers or
    students, I meant anyone.

    So I am free now, For masters electronics and communication student I have applied to colleges in USA, So If I am qualified in visa interview , I should go to USA in the month of August. I said it because I want help before August.

    As I believe there will be people from India browsing this forum. So I request anyone from INDIA, Andhra Pradesh, could help me.

    My name is manikanta, I am from INDIA, Andhra Pradesh, West Godavari District , Eluru.
    contacts: Landline :.. do not post phone numbers...
    U can surely catch me up on landline, But Iam not sure about mobile.
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    Wow, you're posting all over! Here, mymathforum, sciforum, edaboard, boards.ie, ...
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    yes I posted it because I need help personally. And there is chance that a member in one forum is not in another and viceversa.
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    further more it can factorize 56731475920891=7532027 * 7532033 in one single step.
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    you mean you CAN factorize a number into 2 primes ??

    [tex] n=p.q [/tex] i am not an expert in the subject so i can not help (sorry) but perhaps you should check your factorization time of your algorithm and compare it with others
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