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Want some fruit cologne/perfume

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    I bought some fruit scented essential oils, but the scent isn't very strong and doesn't last very long. Does anyone know of any fruit scented perfume/cologne that has a potent smell and lasts a long time when you spray it on you?

    Or do you know of any way for me to make my own?
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    Have you tried experimenting with citrus-peel extracts?
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    Rub strawberries on your genitals.
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    No, but I'll go research that.
    That was the first thing I tried. It just burned. Those seeds are really abrasive.
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    Thanks. Yeah, from what I've been reading, it seems like this is my only option. I saw a couple of recipes for making my own, but it seems like the smell would be extremely weak. Like homeopathically weak. And the wind would just blow what little scent there was away.

    I want some stuff like this Kiss (the band) cologne. It smells good, and the scent lingers like all day. It's great stuff. Problem is the bottle is leaking for some reason. Need to figure out how to rebottle it. It's leaking very slowly, but it's leaking nonetheless.
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    Spanish onion juice is quite persistent, and doesn't attract insects. :approve:

    If it's leaking from the cap rather than a crack somewhere, try stretching a piece of Saran Wrap across the neck before screwing the lid on. Alternatively, you could run a small bead of gasket material such as silicone around the lip.
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