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Want to be a structural engineer but have internship opportunity in transportation

  1. Nov 9, 2011 #1
    Like the title says, i want to work in the structural field of civil engineering, but i have an opportunity to be an intern at a traffic engineering company. I dont have the job yet, but considering that im currently working for a traffic engineering PhD student (making calls and getting data about preferred modes of transportation), AND that im taking a traffic engineering elective class AND that ive conducted a traffic impact study, i think i have a really good shot at getting the internship.

    my dilemna is that i dont want to get stuck in transportation, will it be tough to get a job in structural if a lot of my related experience is transportation-related? i do have structural experience as well on the other hand, im on the ASCE steel bridge team and ASCE concrete canoe team at my school.

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