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Want to major in Engineering and or major/minor in physicshowever

  1. Feb 21, 2010 #1
    Hello any and all who end up reading this, not a matter if you reply =D Hello!

    As a prelude, I should probably mention that I'm a senior, and will be graduating this June. As the title implies, next year I'll be a freshman, and I know quite definitively that I want to major in engineering -- computer/electrical/mechanical haven't narrowed in on anything specific yet-- and minor in ether physics or a computer science (architecture, programing, whatever the major is called -- I've built many computers, some of which i have overclocked and others water cooled).

    As for my thread, and the ominous "however" =p

    Basically, I was an idiot the first two and a half years of my high school 'career', and consequently have a terrible GPA.

    I plan on applying to (this week) the following schools, and am searching for non bias information ("our mathematics program is on the cutting edge blah blah we get it you rock...") about their Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics programs.

    University of North Dakota
    University of Minnesota, Morris
    Minnesota State University, Moorhead
    North Dakota State University

    Though I am planning on transferring after my sophomore year, I would still like to learn something that I can take with me when I transfer...

    That being said, if any one has any knowledge of, or insight to the following schools academic programs, please help a guy out =]

    Thank you for reading,
    happy trolling!
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