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Want to make a Comet ?

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    Yes you read right do you want to make a Comet look alike ?

    This is what you will need:

    - Water
    - Soy Sauce
    - Grind up Rocks
    - Dry Ice
    - Bag
    - Bowl
    - Regular Ice


    Get a bag and place it opened in to a bowl. add water say around 500 ml, then add ice, grind rocks, and around 2 teaspoons of soy sauce. Take the bag out and hammer it softly to the ice to break. When done. Place bag in same position as start and now add dry Ice. When dry ice is added close bag and form the comet into a snowball. It will not become a perfect oval..like real life...it has a low mass to become even. When done take it out and look at the comet look alike.

    Hope this inspires anyone :)

    source = Discovery Channel
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