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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to practice Integral problems because I am pretty weak in this field and I have brought a book with a title like DIFFERENTIAL AND INTEGRAL EQUATION which I put thought that the content of the book is about Integral such as standard Calculus book like Varberg, Stewart, etc. However, it’s totally different. Can anybody here please tell me which book is the right choice regarding to above-mentioned term? Please advance
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  4. You should buy your books on Amazon. They let you look at some of the contents before you buy it. The book your brought is above is about Integral Equations which is a high level graduate course usually in some universities.
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    Yes, "Differential and Integral equations" is quite different form differential and integral calculus!

    For exercises, Shaum's outline on Calculus is good and relatively inexpensive.
    (No good for theory however.)
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