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Stargazing Want to purchase new telescope

  1. Jul 17, 2016 #1
    Hello all,

    First of all thanks for taking the time to look at my post, and thanks ahead of time to those willing to answer my question.

    I've always loved Astronomy and have done quite a bit of self-study over the years. I have a pair of binoculars but want to get a telescope.

    I'll start by saying what I'm looking for, and provide a list of scopes I've found may meet my requirements, so the idea is for you experts out there to tell me which suits my needs best. If you have other suggestions they are, of course, welcome.

    I live in a city, but near the outskirts so I can see most of the constellations and even some dimmer objects with the naked eye. So, I would highly value a scope that has a decent aperture to gather more light and help me see more DSOs. I would like one that is just as good at seeing DSOs as planets/the moon, so from what I've read I think I need something between f/6 - f/10, but am not completely set on that spec. I would also like one that's not too difficult to transport (for when I head out into the country) and also not too large as I live in a small-ish apartment. As I said I am a first-time telescope user but also have a decent knowledge of Astronomy, so keep that in mind. I am not particulary set on any type of telescope, either (refractor, reflector, etc...). Also important, I would like to spend less than 500 dollars and ideally around 300-400 or less.

    So I leave you three telescopes I've found so far that may work for me, and will anxiously await your responses.

    Celestron PowerSeeker 127 EQ
    Orion Astroview 90mm
    Orion Spaceprobe 130ST

    Again, please note I am by no means limiting my choices to those above, and would welcome other suggestions.

    Thanks again!
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    hi there

    welcome to PF :smile:

    did you read this thread at the top of the forum section you posted in ?


    it gives a lot of background as to types of scopes and accessories etc

    f6 + is good for planetary but not good for deep space .... low f/numbers are better for that f4.5 - f6 more light

    none of the 3 scopes you listed have your "decent aperture" requirement ... all are pretty small

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I haven't been researching that long but have found it frustrating and overwhelming so far. Do any specific telescopes come to mind that you would recommend?
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    your budget is probably the most important factor .... give us an approx. figure in 100's or 1000's of $$
    The more you spend the better the system you will get .... unlike audio gear

    do you ever think you mite like to get into astro photography ?
    that will determine optics quality, f # and quality of the mount

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    Budget would be less than 500...ideally around 300.
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    OK .... they would be good, but don't expect too much from them :smile:
    and that wont get you into astrophotography ( but that is a side issue in the mean time)

    I would personally recommend the Celestron PowerSeeker 127 EQ or the Orion Spaceprobe 130ST
    and out of those two, the Orion Spaceprobe 130ST because it is f5 rather than almost f8 that the Celestron is
    The f5 will be a better all round scope for planet and deep space observing

    Celestron and Orion are both good brands
    my scope is a Celestron CPC925, current replacement price is over AU$5000 eeeekkkkkk

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  8. Jul 18, 2016 #7
    Can you recommend any other telescopes that are midrange?

    Thanks again for your help.
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    is in the same league as the other 2 reflectors I commented on above

    this would be a good scope, being an altitude / azimuth mount, it would be easy to set up and use
    and the goto control would be great for you to find objects

    This one is a serious step backwards compared to the previous 4 reflector choices

    the top 3 choices, from the top would be .....

    Nexstar 130 SLT GOTO

    (Astromaster 130EQ

    Orion Spaceprobe 130ST

  11. Jul 19, 2016 #10
    Thanks, Dave, for your insightful comments.

    Do you think the Nexstar is worth the extra 250 or so euros? I think I'm leaning towards this one but I also want to make sure that I am making the right choice.

    Do you think this scope is a good midrange choice? Would you recommend any others over this one for around the same price?
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    The ease of finding objects and the tracking ability make it the best buy

    the no tracking of the other 2 scopes would drive you nutz after a while as an equatorial mount is difficult to aim

    yes it's a good low - mid range choice ... mid range would be more in the $800 - 1500 and hi range up to several 1000
    then you can go extreme after that and spend $8000 +++++ :wink:

  13. Jul 19, 2016 #12
    Really appreciate your help, Dave. I think I'll end up getting this one, but I'm still going to do a bit more research.

    If you come across or think of any other scopes you believe may be a good choice for me please let me know!
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    no probs ....

    pleased to be able to help .... :smile:
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