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Want to study phyics dilemma.

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    I have a problem. I have a bachelors in Geography and I am going for my masters in Geography in the fall. I LOVE this subject so I am planning on finishing it. However, lately I have become more interested in hard science and I want to study physics.

    How can I accomplish this? I know that I can take it upon myself to study it, however I'd like to get credit for it in some way. I don't particularly take out loans and do a second undergrad. What are my options? Can anyone offer me some sort of advice?

    This may sound stupid, but I plan on being a lifetime learner, and I would like to find the most inexpensive way to do this.
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    If you do not want to study it towards another degree, then why would you care if you get 'credit' for your study or not?

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