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Want to work in R&D in polymers

  1. Aug 3, 2012 #1
    Chemical engineering topics like heat transfer, transport, separations etc. never really appealed to me. But I really like research, and I think R&D is the place for me in industry. In order to work in R&D, I need an advanced degree. But I'm currently trying to decide what's the best way to get to my destination (eg. MS or Phd).

    Can I get into R&D positions I like if I have a MS and work my way up in industry? Or do I need a PhD in order to have a decent position? The thing with PhD's is that there's like a dichotomy of perspectives that splits between "PhD is a rewarding experience" and "PhD is underpaid labor and it narrows your opportunities for jobs".

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    do you have a job already lined up? i heard twofish quant say this before: don't make choices until you have a choice.
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