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Want to work in robotics field

  1. Aug 4, 2012 #1
    Entering third year, switched from electrical engineering to computer engineering. I love programming and 'designing' circuits (although typically my design consists of several other circuits mashed together.) However the physical side of robotics appeals to me a great deal.

    I can still switch back to electrical, but I'm not interested in power generation, distribution or whatever.

    In Co-op. I will try and get at least one robotics placement but I want to try other fields as well because you never know what you may like.

    Any suggestions to better myself for the robotics field, should I decide it's definitely right for me?
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    Spend time studying control systems, particularly Laplace transforms. When designing for motion control, you will need to consider the inertia and momentum of the arm. You will also need to consider resonances.

    Robot motion is not trivial, especially robot arms carrying liquids.
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    If your local CC has a megatronics program look at their syllabus. There are courses at the CC which you cannot get in any of the degree programs. Usually technician classes that you can learn actual plumping and programming of pneumatics. VERY useful stuff for robots.

    Generally engineering courses lean towards the theory and not the technician level skills needed in a robot.
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