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Wanted to have this picture photoshopped

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    Hi...I needed some help and I didnt really know where to put this...its not Biology but I was still hoping somebody could help me with this...I wanted to have this picture photoshopped....could somebody do it? I'd be really thankful if they did.

    I just wanted to see what the person in the attached picture would look like with this color lips http://www.women24.com/Woman/Content_Display/E-Cards/DisplayImageBlob/0,,9208,00.jpg [Broken], this color/shade etc of eyes http://www.quantika.com/gallery/works_poser/images/green_eyes_1024.jpg [Broken], this shape/size of eyes http://www.coastalcaffeine.com/images/Erin%20D%20-%20Eyes.JPG [Broken] and this color hair http://www.champagnebrides.com.au/UK%20Hair%20model.jpg [Broken] (But with hair of medium thickness) I also wanted to see what she would look like with eyebrows that were this color http://www.champagnebrides.com.au/UK%20Hair%20model.jpg [Broken] and a realistic/semi-realistic skin tone. (Or just leave the skin tone the way it is)

    Anyways thanks! Sorry for bothering you I guess this thread will be moved I just don't know where it'll go

    Although I did sort of have a question:

    Biologically/scientifically speaking could the lips in this picture be real lips? Or would they have had to have injections and stuff in them?

    Anyways thanks

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    Why do you want this done..... 'cybering' reasons? ;-) j/k
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    Well my friend asked if I could get it done but I couldn't so I tried to find out if somebody else could. Anyways can anybody do it? It would be great if somebody could because I told her I'd find somebody who could/would.
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    Well, I'm not sure what's wrong with your message that you're trying so hard to delete it, and I'm not sure of you still want it, but I took a shot at your request.

    See attached. Let me know what you think.

    Most of those are pretty subtle changes you asked for.
    - Lip colour is virtually unchanged.
    - Eyebrows on redheads tend not to be red (unless they're fair-skinned, which this gal is not), so I only gave them a hint of red.
    - Her hair is pretty much not visible, so I only hinted at that too.
    - only major change is her eye colour.
    - Oh, the reshaping of the eyes. That's too broad a change. Maybe you should find another model? I'll see if I have time to give it a try, but I can't guarantee the results.
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    Thats all I needed!
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