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Wanting to get started in EE as either a hobby or maybe even career

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    I've been jumping around a bunch of different types of engineering recently. I've always liked the idea of electronics (especially embedded systems, green energies, and future tech in general) but just haven't found a way to get started in them. I understand some of the very basics of the components ie: the capacitor stores and releases, the resistor "slows down" current, switches turn things on and off. But i don't understand any of like ohms law or current or voltage or ampage, and things of that sort (which would really help me if I found a website that effectively taught that stuff).

    I also have been collecting things and will attach a pic and label all of them, I was wondering if you could help give me some basic project ideas and how to salvage this stuff in general.
    DC 9.4V guitar amp on top
    From left to right
    200W computer power supply
    Battery (unknown specs)
    Charging circuit w/ flash (from disposable camera)
    Mini electric motor (not sure if any of these motors are AC or DC, most come from vacuums)
    Solenoid from my dads work (not sure of specs)
    another motor
    Outside coils of previous motor
    Bionacal toy (has red led flash circuit probably)
    My old Lg Rumor touch phone
    2 speaker magnets
    random switch
    An old toy remote control
    Battery (Ni-ca 350ma i believe, not sure of voltage)
    Control part of old heater (4 switches w/ leds and 2 pots)
    and 2 old desktop speakers (where the magnets came from)

    A thanks in advance

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