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Wanting to know more about quantum mechanics

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    Can anyone please post a link concerning Quantum Mechanics--explanation, introduction...etc? I'm really interested in it. I've read quite a little about it and I want to know more.
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    Oh.. as for buying a book; I can't really find concentrate my effort on a totally new text as my teacher advised not to read 'too much' extras which are not included in my physics syllabus as it'll get me confused. IGCSE curriculum--so linear, you know.
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    I found two good books -- Structure and Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics by R.I.G. Hughes and Quantum Mechanics and Experience by David Z. Albert -- at the San Francisco public library. The Hughes book is nice because it summarizes all the linear algebra you need in the first chapter, and prepares you to think about the philosophical issues. The Albert book is easier but narrower -- he mainly concentrates on the meaning of measurement. I picked these two because they were listed in the syllabus of a "Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics" course online at MIT. They are both relatively introductory.
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    Omar, I was also an IGCSE student and now I teach laser physics at the university. I think that you live in Egypt like me. I recommend that if you really want ot delve into Quantum mechanics, you should take good care of your mathematics courses and your classical physics courses too.
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