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Wants to be a scientist

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    i have always dream to be a scientist so pplease i need some one to help me list the requirements, and some easy materials i could use base on mech Engineering and subjects like physics and maths. Thanks
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    What do you already know in math and physics?
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    Requirements, in brief:

    1. Get a college degree in some branch of science (your choice).
    2. Get a Ph.D. in that branch of science.
    3. Don't expect it to be easy, and be willing to learn.
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    The standard career path for a scientist is to major in the science of your choice, and then enroll in the phd program. For most scientists, the phd program+a postdoc is the length of their science career- thats about a decade of doing science for less than minimum wage. Most scientists then bounce out of their field and start only tangentially related careers (IT work, highschool teaching, etc).

    You will fall behind your peers in the typical halmarks of adulthood during your decade doing science. You will start a family later, have kids later, own a house later, etc. You'll either retire later, or have a poorer lifestyle upon retirement. If you are ok with that, then fantastic. That decade of science will be looked back on fondly.
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    thanks everyone
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    Not sure I agree with that assessment...a lot of jobs that new physics Phds qualify for have similar salaries to new MBA's, for example, and people getting a phd are usually a similar age to people getting an MBA. Of course the MBA has some work experience where they've actually made money, but they've also lost most of it on the MBA itself. Of course, that assumes actually being lucky enough to get a job in this economy (I'm graduating next year, so we'll see how I do).
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