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Wants to learn tensors

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    Im not sure why the learning materials section is blocked for me to post in, however:
    I am stuck between these books:





    I am a second, going on third your physics student who wants to learn tensors, they have only been mentioned in passing and I want to learn more to go over more detailed classical mechanics and general relaivity. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly aprechiated.

    Or indeed any other advice at all would be great.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Tensors

    My recommendation would be "Geometrical Methods of Mathematical Physics" by Schutz.
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    Re: Tensors

    Hmm looking at the chapter headings that seems very comprehensive indeed. I guess searching for "tensors" and looking for things like that doesn't come up with everything haha.

    I actually have


    Which of course is just an overview really, and it has some stuff on tensors but the book you reccommend seems to fit nicely. I'll search that one up a bit more and await a few more replies before I jump and buy.

    This may well be the best book in your opinion for this but do you think it would be the best for me- self study and havent been exposed to tensors other than a passing mention?

    Thanks again.
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