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Waqaa (hello in Yupik)

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    I am Maaruk, this is my Yupik name. My Christian name is Warren Jones. I live in Alaska, and as my bio indicates I am a Northern Philosopher. I studied Western Philosophy as part of my degree in Political Philosophy. My interests include: masculinity, governance, complex systems, time, and dark energy/matter. I don't like Everett's interpretation, but I do take Shrodinger's statements at face value WRT to the multiverse. I believe in God, but I don't believe science and God are incompatible. I'm not a biblical literalist, I think evolution is a real thing. I am probably a little crazy, and schizophrenia etc. run in my family so who the hell knows. I think I'm sane but I do have occasional bouts of mania which are generally exacerbated by the universe. I was told I was a genius in court ordered counseling when I was a teen, so I am at least not terminally stupid, which is of course different from being terminally ignorant.

    I am a married man with three sons, I write for a living and consider my current profession to be a philosopher. I am keen on hunting, fishing, and being outdoors in general.

    I signed up because I thought this would be an excellent place to get some questions answered that I am unable to find clear answers to on my own, and am excited to see what else this community has to offer.
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    Welcome to PF!
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