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News War in Iraq, What now?

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    On several threads, we've been discussing the war in Iraq. Many here think that this war is wrong and that it never should have been started. It's too late to not fight this war. That ship has sailed. Right or wrong the USA is involved in a war with Iraq.

    So my question is this, What now? Should the USA stay and try to restore peace, should we just leave?

    Please do not dwell on the past in this thread. THe USA is already involved, so what next? Let's be positive, what is the best course?
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    Stick around. Try and get in NATO forces (UN Peacekeeping forces ??? :eek:) to share in the responsibility. (That's going to be a hard ask, tough.) Make sure role is mostly policing/military and the training thereof, and stay away from political interference. Establish border security. Try not to make Iraq the HQ for the Military in the Middle East. Kuwait is grateful (relatively) for the presence of the US Military, Iraq will be resentful of it.
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    I think they should slowly remove US presence if possible. The Iraqi police will take the blows and the civilian population will no longer be able to blame a distant apache chopper for the latest carbomb. And maybe help the police.
    But ofcourse, before they can slowly remove their troops there has to be some stability.... only the religious leaders could possibly bring some sense to these madmen.
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    Middle East oil is vital to US (and world) interests. There's no way to throw Iraq into chaos, leave, and hope things work out for the best.

    Once in, we have no choice but to stay until there is some way of maintaining stability without us. One side (Shiite, Sunni, or Kurd) has to be able to keep the others at bay one way or the other (politically or, more likely, by repression) before leaving even becomes an option.

    The only other reason to leave is if a US presence is more disruptive than helpful. While a foreign military presence in a country is always disruptive, I think the chaos would be worse without us and it will be quite a while before that balance changes.

    In any event, I doubt we'll be leaving a loyal ally when we finally do leave.
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    My list from another post about the things we could have done better in Iraq......
    Many can still be moved towards.
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    They'll be as loyal as S Korea, and depending on how we act afterwards more or less later.
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    I'm liking this guys. Good positive responses.
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    Dont mean to go offtopic, but wheres Adam?
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    You guys are very pragmatic about Iraq and what to do with the problem we are facing.But remember White House is full of unstable individuals with big egos and they might launch yet another war with Iran or Syria.
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    French opinion : thousand thanks to Gokul and BobG ! I deeply wish whichever winner will listen to your advices.
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    Future plans of the USA and Iraq could certainly come into play. It seems to me that you would not find this a suitable course. Do you agree with those suggested so far, or would you add or change some things?

    Although I mentioned trying to keep this thread positive, you could certainly state items such as those above that you would not want to see happen and elelaborate on the consequenses. I believe this kind of opinion can aide in forming constructive thoughts on the subject.
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    This is a good idea. One of the biggest problems we've had is the inability to spend reconstruction money - mainly because it's hard to build things when the builders are ducking bullets. Until things are secure enough to get things moving, anything to reduce the high unemployment rate would likely reduce support for the insurgent groups. Roosevelt created a few 'busy work' groups during the depression that actually accomplished some positive work - it could help in Iraq, too.

    While it may be using reconstruction money inefficiently, it can't be more inefficient than having to divert some of the money for security.

    I'm kind of surprised this would be a problem. Satellite phones are a pretty big deal in that part of the world since there isn't nearly as big a ground cell phone network to compete with. Combination cell/satellite phones are available that about the same size as a cell phone, although more expensive (a few hundred dollars still?). Cell phone towers will reduce the cost of telephone communication long term, since satellite phone rates are generally higher than ground phone rates, but communications shouldn't have been a huge problem.
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