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News War on terror

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    If you believe in the Bible, and that ever since the fall in the garden of eden humans have been in a fallen state, then you probably don't think that you or anyone else but God could change that fact. Being in a fallen state means that humans have the potential to be good or evil, but they can't be completely one or the other because they are both intertwined in each of us. We can't escape terrorism because it resides within us all, and to win a war on terror would mean that the very nature of humanity has changed... So why does GWB choose to use the USA's resources to fight a futile war, that will never end?
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    Becouse each time he use USA's resources (a tomahawk missile, a hummve, 5000 rounds etc) it means profits for his friens at boing, lookedmartins, NG.. GE etc.......

    George Orwell, ex-British Military Intelligence Operative, political analyst and writer, in his shocking and increasingly relevant political novel, "1984", revealed the "DICTIONARY OF NEWSPEAK", or (The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism). On War, it read:

    "In accordance with the principles of double-think it does not matter if the war is not real. For when it is, victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won, but it is meant to be continuous."

    "The essential fact of modern warfare is the destruction of the produce of human labour. The hierarchy of society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance."
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    I mean, George W is a christian that beleives in the fall in the garden of eden right? So He must know that a war against the inescapable evil side of human nature can't be won. Why does he continue to dig himself into a deeper hole? Either he doesn't believe in the Bible, or he is incompetent. Please help me out of this fork, because I don't want to believe that the nation is run by a complete moron.
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    i dont even think he realy belive in the bible..... IMHO he use the bible and re religious stuff to gain credibility and support from the big percentage of people who belibe in it...

    or may be he hasn't read the part that says: YOU SHALL NOT KILL...

    Now if he actualy think he is god's right hand on earth to figth the "Evil" (i love how he simplify everything with those words...) then he is mentally ill...
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    I really like your replies, but I wonder if maybe you don't agree with them. I wonder if maybe you only posted them to appease my frusteration. Your replies sound like nice anecdotes to the problem, but they sound too trivial, like an answer I would make, and I know that I don't know much about politics. Is the problem even valid? Is there another way around it rather than concluding that Bush is simply a stupid little creature? Actually, I think Bush is smart, and I can't understand how a smart man can be confident that a war on terror is what America needs.

    Speaking of Orwell, Bush says he's a uniter not a divider... Well I've never seen the nation so divided before in my life, we could practically go into another civil war. He says he's not a flip-flopper, but he flip-flops more than anyone else in politics by the use of semantics. He says there is a social security crisis when at the same time he reforms the estate tax (if he left it alone, it would've payed half of the total social security costs, thus rendering no crisis), and he could have just kept the filthy rich paying 1% more per year and we'd have no worries at all with social security. He's talking out of both sides of his mouth. THat is what double speak is all about.

    A stupid person can't be capable of being such a hypocrite, this kind of stuff takes a lot of thought and creativity to pull off.
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    "If you will it, it is no dream." - Theadore Herzl

    If you want a social security crisis, you will find a way to make one.

    I just can't stop from concluding that Bush is a Machiavellian. Why would he want a crisis anyway? unless he was using it to gain his own footing towards Unknown Secret Agendas (USA).
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    yes sincerly i don't think he is mentally ill nor stupid at all... He know exaclty what he does....

    About the social security i guess that the agenda is to show that social security does not work so they can privatize it.. Just the way menem (us favorite president) did in the 90' here in argentina with the public water services, oil, comunications and transport services. they destroyed it and then came with the great solution, Privatization... now all this basic services are in the hands of american and european multinational corporations who make profits out of the needs of the whole population and depredate all our natural resourses for export.....

    "``They're talking about a crisis as if those numbers are real,'' Stiglitz says of the Bush administration. ``They are made- up numbers. Totally artificial.''

    http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=10000103&sid=ayot3tuG3yqQ [Broken]

    Pro privatization of social security:
    CATO institute: http://www.socialsecurity.org/
    heritage Foundation: http://www.heritage.org/Research/SocialSecurity/BG1133.cfm [Broken]

    Anti Privatization:
    http://userdata.acd.net/demarco.chris/sspriv.htm [Broken]
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    Why did Bush take the case for invading Iraq to the UN unless he was guaranteed approval?

    Why did Bush choose to believe the one and only intelligence analysis (CIA) that suggested Iraq might be an imminent WMD threat while military and other intelligence agencies concluded no such imminent threat?

    Why did Bush nominate an ambassador to the UN that can't get an endorsement from a Republican controlled commitee?

    Bush just isn't very good.

    Some people see a President that goes with his gut instinct regardless of reality as a refreshing change from politicians that are so careful to ensure success before they'll risk any public action. Of course, people also like to laugh at people that run into trees.
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    so where is master terrist bin laden hmm? in his fortress maybe ? war on terror, what a joke !

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    Boing? Lookedmartins? Are you even half familiar with the defense contractors in the US or the weapons used? MIght as well say WW2 was a huge war of profit for the British and Germans with that logic along with every other war in a private industry state.

    Original Bible doesnt say that, its almost a unannymously agreed fact that the original bible said Murder and murder was defined strictly as a pre-mediated unjustifyable killing. Please read what you complain about first.

    And whoever complained about social security not being a crisis, why were democrats demanding "Bush must take care of the social security crisis and handle domestic issues instead of foreign policy" when they were trying to get Kerry elected? Sure theres a crisis when you can use it for political gain but all of a sudden the numbers dont look so bad once Bush decides to do somethinga bot it. Such hypocrisy... and again, as thsi thread shows, more international opinions not based on fact, but on scare tactics and what theyve been brainwashed to believe is true.
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    I think equating the concept of 'original sin' with terrorism is a pretty big stretch. It doesn't imply evil, just imperfection.
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    thats a good point
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    "Why did Bush take the case for invading Iraq to the UN unless he was guaranteed approval?

    Why did Bush choose to believe the one and only intelligence analysis (CIA) that suggested Iraq might be an imminent WMD threat while military and other intelligence agencies concluded no such imminent threat?

    Why did Bush nominate an ambassador to the UN that can't get an endorsement from a Republican controlled commitee?

    Bush just isn't very good.

    Some people see a President that goes with his gut instinct regardless of reality as a refreshing change from politicians that are so careful to ensure success before they'll risk any public action. Of course, people also like to laugh at people that run into trees." - BobG

    I can understand this, and I guess he really doesn't mean "war on terror" directly when he says it. I was just using a different definition of terror I guess, as if it's more of a fundamental quality of the mind rather than of a group of people misbehaving. I don't know how I used to define terror before 9-11, because it seems American society has been using a different definition ever since. I gotta just change my definition of terror to fit the rest. Ok, all done, no more problems here.
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    Well, I do not live in the US and I hope people won't mind too much if I comment on this one - my justification for commenting is that the 'war on terror' affects all of us wherever we live, and the government of the country I am living in has sent troops in support of this 'war' (I call it an invasion and a massacre rather than a war, but then I guess this doesn't surprise anyone :smile: ).

    Anyway, Burnsys, I couldn't agree with you more about both points you raise: firstly, that Orwell's '1984' is an increasingly relevant novel for our times (read it if you haven't, everyone; it's amazing how well it describes much of contemporary life); and secondly that much of the motivation for the current conflicts is economic gain, though I would argue there are important strategic factors involved as well - particularly, I agree with the analsyis that the US administration (note, not the US PEOPLE) wants to be secure a strong presence in that region to pre-empt the strengthening of that newly emerging power bloc, the European Union.
  16. May 14, 2005 #15
    I don't think this has anything at all to do with religion, Jonny. I think it's pretty much as Burnsys wrote. One can be religious when it suits, and one can ignore what the bible says also (when it suits). I don't think its incompetence either. I know GW is presented as incompetent, but this is not a good argument - even if he were incompetent (and I'm not saying that he is), he acts on the advice of many others; he does not make decisions by himself.
  17. May 16, 2005 #16
    IS that a good thing or a bad thing Alexandra? Is it a virtuous and noble thing to be religious when it suits and not be when it suits? Doesn't your point about Bush only add more evidance that HE is the flip-flopper and not Kerry? Is it a good or a bad thing to let everyone else make descisions for you? If this is the case, our national representative isn't free. He's a consenting slave that speaks of freedom as if he knows what it is. Is this a good or a bad thing? Why must we fight a way on terror in order to be free?
  18. May 16, 2005 #17
    "Why must we fight a way on terror in order to be free?"...a war on terror even
  19. May 16, 2005 #18
    Yes i am familiar... and i hope you don't use my bad spelling to discredit my points..

    Boeing's Profits Skyrocket, Outlook Raised Wednesday, October 27, 2004
    "Our Integrated Defense Systems business again delivered strong revenue growth and outstanding profitability, and made significant progress on key programs," said CEO Harry Stonecipher

    Lockheed profits take off
    Friday, 25 October, 2002, 14:20 GMT 15:20 UK
    "US defence giant Lockheed Martin has turned in sharply higher profits, crediting strong sales of fighter jet equipment. "

    Profits up at Northrop Grumman
    January 28, 2003
    "Together with the former TRW defense businesses, which completed one of their most impressive years ever, we are well positioned to benefit from increasing defense budgets and homeland security initiatives," Kresa said


    Anyway the big problems came when this contractors (and others) gave millons dolars to bush and kerry campaing.. and when many of the directors of this corporations was working for the pentagon and vice versa,,, and when this contractors make millons in profit from a controversial war.
    The largest holding of defence contractors "The carlyle group":
    The carlyle group:

    US President and
    Vice President
    Former Director
    of the CIA
    Carlyle Senior Advisor

    Former Secretary of Defense
    Deputy Director
    of the CIA
    Carlyle Chairman Emeritus

    Secretary of State
    Sec. of Treasury
    Carlyle Senior Counselor

    White House
    Budget Advisor
    Bush / Clinton
    Managing Director

    Former President of the Philippines
    Carlyle Asia
    Advisory Board

    Former Prime Minister of England
    Carlyle Europe Chairman

    The NYT ran a front-page photo of former President Bush with Saudi King Fahd on a trip to Saudi Arabia as part of his work for the Carlyle Group. The ice-breaking story by Leslie Wayne quoted Charles Lewis: "In a really peculiar way, George W. Bush could, some day, benefit financially from his own administration's decisions, through his father's investments. The average American doesn't know that and, to me, that's a jaw-dropper."
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    Burnsys, i agree with you and would like to add that this whole phony war on terror is just another way to get rich.nothing else i'm sure about it.
    they are fooling us not behind our backs like use to be but they are bolder now and do their dirty tricks in front of us because they know that 90 % of westerners and 99.99999% americans are ignorant!(actually americans are beyond ignorant THEY ARE ****ING IDIOTS!!!)
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    No doubt it's a combination of things. Maybe Dubya has attention deficit disorder. Maybe that's why he didn't do well in school, and why he doesn't like details, and just wants to operate on faith? Religion provides a quick-fix feeling of purpose and direction for some people.

    Also he owes a lot of people from his failed oil days (an embarrassment to him and his family), and I wonder what he plans to do after his presidency? He is very loyal when it comes to family, friends, and those he views as his supporters. This may be endearing to some, and moronic to those who feel a President should put the best interest of the country first.

    In reference to the war on terror, there are those in the Bush camp who understand the use of patriotism against an enemy, for example to justify a foreign policy that would otherwise be questioned, and to distract the people from domestic problems. It's been used by many leaders/administrations, referred to as "Rally Around The Flag."
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