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War with Islam and Islam is winning.

  1. Sep 19, 2004 #1
    Calif. DOE forcing Islam on children

    How Judges Rip Up Faith
    What's wrong with "ACROSS THE CENTURIES" Houghton Mifflin Social Studies Textbook 7th grade 21st Century Edition, nationwide
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    What I like about that story is the author keeps whining about how the texbooks state things as fact, like Allah is god, without qualifiers. Meanwhile, the author says things like "The children are shown a false God" :rofl:
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    The muslims do worship a false god.
    But why should any religion be taught in a public school?
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    Keep comments like that to yourself.
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    Ideally ALL religions should be taught in school and the child should make up their own mind about what they want to believe.
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    We no longer allow religious discussions.
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