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Warden, They are my pet fish

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    Thursday Funny :smile:

    pet fish.jpg

    A man get stopped by a game warden with his basket full of fish.

    Warden: do you have a permit for all these fish?
    Man: no sir. These are all my pet fish.
    Warden: your pet fish? How's that?
    Man: well, every night I take all my pet fish for a walk to the lake, I let them swim for about half hour and then I whistle and they all come back and jump in my basket and we go home. We do this every night.
    Warden: Well that's just a crock of lies!!
    Man: here I'll show you... (Releases the fish in the lake)
    Warden: well this I got to see!!
    5 minutes later...
    Warden: well??
    Man: what?
    Warden: the fish!! Where's your pet fish??
    Man: what fish??

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    Great joke!
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