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Warez - illegal?

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    Are free downloads of software on 'warez' sites illegal? i.e. There are sites which offer full version of Mathematica and other expensive software for free, which seems too good to be true. If so why don't the authorities do something about it because there seem to be many sites that allow this.
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    Yes warez is illegal.
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    But the site maintainers, uploaders and downloaders don't usually get caught? Because these sites are relatively easy to find and have lots free stuff on them.

    How would you catch one of the users anyway?
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    Ive heard that they trace your ip or something by the amout of outgoing (uploading) files you have. Its probably wrong but thats what ive heard.
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    Most of them provide false information about having free stuff in them. They're just using that to attract visitors. I would also suggest you not to visit those sites, as the majority of them have malware and other malicious stuff that can be uploaded into your computer.

    Trust me, this is from experience :P
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    Alot of them are in countries that won't bother investigating.
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    That's why you buy a crappy computer for downloading and then transfer to your main computer when you "certified" it as good. By checking it and such.

    That's what I do.

    I got a computer I call the "downloading" station.
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    The theory goes that if too few people buy software, innovation will be limited. I think it's true that innovation is limited.
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    Haha i have the same thing. I download on my crappy laptop and transfer it to my desktop and run a scan after i import. Works like a charm! Then if it crashes, since its a dell, i just reinstall the OS!
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