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Warning from administrator

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    When changing my account settings I recently stumbled over two warnings from the administrator. I get very few warnings so I don't want to check my mailbox every day. Is there any way to know that I have these messages without checking the mailbox?

    To me it would make more sense to have those warnings emailed to me, where I would notice them.
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    You need to read these warnings.

    The first was to explain what you were doing wrong and how to fix it.

    The second was a warning because you hadn't fixed it.

    You will see notification at the top right hand corner of the page as "Your notifications"
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    I don't see "Your notifications" but I do see "Private Messages," so it appears that will tell me when I have a message.
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    It wil change from "Private Messages" to "Your notifications" if there is something such as a new private message that you haven't read yet. It will change back to "Private Messages" once you have opened it.
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    Go to your profile (My PF link in the upper left corner), select Edit Options from Settings & Options, tick Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages. You may have to tick Enable Private Messaging too. Then click on Save Changes. If you want to be sure it worked PM me and I will answer (no, it won't be another warning, just a friendly "hi" :biggrin:).
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