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"Warning High Magnetic Field"

  1. Feb 24, 2015 #1
    When I am outside in my yard my phone will flash "Warning High Magnetic Field". Why should I be Warned of this? Also does this effect my phone signal?
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    It shouldn't affect your phone signal, but it may affect certain apps that rely on the magnetic field detector in your phone to work. For example, my Google Sky app gets all wonky and points in wrong directions if I'm near a strong magnetic field.
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    Magneto might be near!
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    Is it sensitive to both DC and AC magnetic fields?
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    I would think so. I'm not an expert though.
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    Very interesting... Do you have powerlines overhead? Were you near a small transformer (like the ones in people's yards that may feed 2-10 houses)? As others have said, shouldn't be an issue for phone hardware or reception/service, but it may affect certain apps if they rely on it... But I would be curious what the source is... Who knows, something "odd" may be buried under your back yard... As for the AC/DC, I would suspect so. Normal compass measurement is probably similar to what would be detected by an artifical "DC" or fixed magnetic field, and I would guess a field from DC or AC could possibly "overpower" what it's trying to detect from the earth's natural field, thus causing the error/warning...
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    As far as I know, phones use magnetic fields only for the compass function. Therefore, D.C.

    By the way an amusing side, the compass on my phone goes crazy when I walk under an old steel bridge. On my boat, I must shut off the autopilot near bridges.
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