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Warning Question

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    I was reading through the https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=5374" just now to see if I could find anything on repeat threads. I didn't find anything although I may have missed where it was mentioned so, if anyone knows where repeat threads being warnable offenses is stated, please, feel free to show me.:smile: I'm bringing this up because I was warned, about three months ago, for posting a thread twice. I asked about it because, initially, I thought I was being warned for something else because my warning log says "Homework negligance" which made no sense. However, I was told that I posted a thread twice thus the warning.

    Assuming this rule does exist, it's a <sarcasm>tad</sarcasm> strict. I posted my topic twice because of something else I had read on here that stated that homework helpers tend to scan over threads to see which ones have no replies so bumping up your own thread isn't all that wise. Mine already had several replies so it appeared as though I didn't need any help and I was afraid to bump it. Instead, I reposted my question because, even though I had five days to do the assignment in question (Because I'm a cyber school student.), several days had already passed and I began to panic (Chemistry, after all, is my weakest subject. I need all the time I can get.:rofl: )

    I was still really quite new when I got that warning (I had only been here for about ten days when I posted that particular thread twice.) and, despite my explaining why I did it, my warning stood and has remained ever since...and, from the looks of my log, it'll stay put...

    Adjustment: Increased
    Amount: 4
    Expires: Never
    Warning Percent: 26%

    Isn't that a bit too strict?:uhh: I'm not whining or anything,:rofl: I'm just curious about this rule as, like I already said, it seems to be quite harsh (And this is certainly the first time I've seen a site jump on something like this.) when each situation differs and, in my case, I only made a mistake, one I haven't made since and certainly won't again. Hell, if you get a 26% warning for each repeat thread, I'd be over half way done for with one more in my log.:bugeye:
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    I didn't see anything in the thread, in its current form, that would indicate any "homework negligence." We generally don't issue warnings for new people who may not yet know that we don't permit double-posting and such.

    In its current form, the post appears to meet all our guidelines, but it has been edited. Perhaps in its original form, you made it seem like you were asking us to do your homework for you?

    Either way, we generally let warnings expire in a month; since your warning was issued in November, I have deleted it for you.

    Feel free to PM me or any other mentor if you feel we're, uh, mentoring badly! We deal with so many posts and threads every day and definitely do make errors on occassion.

    - Warren
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    Since the question was about repeat threads, here is the relevant section of the guidelines on that:
    I added the bold.

    But, I don't know anything about your specific warning, I'm just answering the general question.
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    I'm not sure what it was as the reason, "homework negligance", threw me off. I asked the moderator who warned me about it and that's what I was told. As for the edit, I know what that was about...:rofl:

    "EDIT: Tell me, does this particular link have anything to do with my worksheet because I got to where they were talking about solar winds or whatever and realized I still didn't have any actual answers."

    I tend to frequent [adult swim] and, on there, I've gotten used to including the reason for my edit by typing in "EDIT:..." unless I'm fixing something like spelling or wording. That particular assignment had me confused (And, at that point, very frustrated.:tongue: ) because the links appeared to be going off topic so I posted one and asked if I was missing where the link was relevant to my assignment.:rofl:

    EDIT: Oh, and thanks for deleting it for me.:wink:
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