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Warping through time

  1. Aug 11, 2005 #1
    I went to a physics conference today and there was this speaker who mentioned that if we want to get to the future(eg: year 3000), we could simply travel anywhere using the speed of light and travel back to wherever u belong and u will get to this "somewhen"<not somewhere> in the future.

    Just wanna know, how true is this statement? Anyone who can give an explanation out there?
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    You can't ever reach the speed of light, but by getting in a spaceship and travelling at a high rate of speed, you can achieve the same effect. This is known as time dilation. See any of the gazillion threads on "The Twin Paradox".
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    This time dilation.. is it due to gravity or are there other reasons that cause this effect?


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    Time dilation does happen due to gravity but also simply by moving, but you would only see noticeable effects if you where moving at a significate portion of the speed of light.
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