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Was America's moon expedition a fake?

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    Even people ignorant of space technologies understand that then-level of technological and electronic development wouldn't allow to perform complicated space maneuvers.

    Forty years ago, American President John Kennedy urged the people to get united about the Moon landing idea: the USA wanted to win the space competition of the 1960s at any price to maintain the image of a superpower. This was a dispute on superiority of two social systems: the flourishing (as it seemed at that time) socialism and the "decaying" capitalism. The USSR experienced problems of its post-war period, what is more, the Soviet country had to suffer great spending in the arms race in order to be ready for a probable war against any of the former allies from the anti-Hitler coalition. Nevertheless, the USSR always managed to be ahead of rich America. It was the Soviet Union that first sent an artificial Earth satellite which meant undoubted advantage of the Soviet missile production. Already at that time it was clear that level of missile technologies would become the criterion of military superiority in the nearest future.

    American felt very much nervous: they needed to save the prestige of the country. Right at that very time John Kennedy addressed the Congress and asked for $40 billion for realization of a Moon shuttle program. The sum was incredible for that time. The whole of the world heard sensational news on July 20, 1969: Americans flew to the Moon, walked around the unexplored planet, raised the American flag there and got back home with samples of the Moon soil. People of the Earth studied pictures with the exotic Moon landscape and watched documentary TV reports of the exciting adventure.

    However, strange things showed up as soon as the first excitement caused by the flight to the Moon weakened. When researchers looked at pictures and filmed materials about the Mood expedition, they discovered some things that looked very strange. Some of the pictures revealed unnatural shades and sometimes even disagreed with the fundamental physics laws. American engineer Ralph Rene was the first who notices these faults: he declared that there was no Moon landing at all and that all pictures and films about the flight to the unexplored planet were a fake. He said that photos of that kind could be made in special pavilions on the Earth. British researchers even said that such films could be fabricated in Hollywood. What is interesting, only several tens of pictures about the Moon flight out of the total number of 13,000 pics held by the NASA were published in fact. Scientists and engineers studied all information concerning America's Moon flight more carefully and passed a severe verdict: flight of American astronauts to the Moon is just a carefully considered leg-pull.

    Even people ignorant of space technologies understand that then-level of technological and electronic development wouldn't allow to perform complicated space maneuvers connected with docking and undocking of the Apollo carrier rocket that was separated from the module with people inside it. What is more, return back of the carrier rocket was also quite a problem. The Apollo onboard computers performed even poorer than present-day calculators.

    The possibility of human survival in open space was also called into question. Did a space suit made of rubber and cloth in the 1960s protect people on the Moon, the planet having no atmospheric layers and magnetic fields? Could it protect from high radiation? The temperature of 250 Fahrenheit degrees below zero would immediately kill humans in such suits. But it was reported that none of the astronauts was even affected with radiation sickness.

    Former NASA staffer Bill Kaysing, the author of the book "NASA Never Landed a Man on the Moon", confessed that even the Agency itself considered the possibility of man's landing on the Moon was 0.0017% at that period (which was practically nothing!).

    It is not ruled out that Americans did fly to the Moon, but didn't advance further than its orbit. Robots did the rest of the work. However, it is also unlikely that 382 kilograms of Moon soil could be delivered to the Earth after three expeditions (Soviet Moon research vehicles brought just 0.3 kg), because additional kilograms of burden are risky for a rocket. The rest of the Moon expedition simulation was just a political trick, shooting made in pavilions that at the same time allowed the USA to spare billions of dollars. This version resembles the movie Capricorn-1. Probably, the movie was made with a view to rehabilitate America for its big lies.
    When the Apollo-Moon module system was studied more carefully, it became clear that two astronauts in space suits couldn't find room in the module, not to mention the Moon robot that couldn't be placed there even non-assembled. What is more, astronauts couldn't squeeze through a narrow tunnel between the space ship and the module. In fact, an exit hatch opens inward, not outside as the legendary documentary demonstrates. The documentary was probably shot in a cargo bay of a swooping supersonic airplane to create an effect of weightlessness. It is strange but not a single star could be seen on the pictures of the Moon flight. Stars are even brighter in space than as seen from the Earth. Instead, there was blue light streaming into the illuminators of the space ship, at the time when it is known that open space is absolutely black.
    Apollo landing was also strange: running of the engine didn't move a single stone or a speck of dust on the Moon surface. After that, the module settled on a flat surface. Pressure of a jet engine would inevitably make a crater on the place of landing while braking. As is know, the Moon gravitation makes up 1/6 of the Earth gravitation. A cloud of dust thrown from under the Apollo wheels should have been six times higher than depicted on the photos.

    As for the shadows that astronauts and their apparatuses cast on the Moon, they were of different length and direction, at the time when it is known that the Sun is the only source of light on the Moon. It may also seem strange that not a single picture of the Earth as seen from the Moon was made during the expedition. Movements of the astronauts looked as if the film was slowly played. It was obvious that jumping and moving was very difficult for the astronauts, but the jumping amplitude was very small. Even school children know that a man weighing 160 kilograms on the Earth would weight only 27 kg on the Moon, which would made him jump like a grasshopper.

    Raising of the American flag also revealed several faults. There is no atmosphere on the Moon, it consequently means that there can be no wind. As it was said, a flagpole had a horizontal slat on the top so that it could be possible to unfurl the flag wide. It looked rather strange that a corner of the flag fluttered and one of the astronauts even had to pull it down. Probably, some stupid worker in a film pavilion, where the documentary was shot, opened the door and let the wind inside. In a word, there were lots of strange things connected with the Mood landing expedition that produced such a sensation all over the world.

    Future life of the astronauts was also a mystery. Within a year since the sensational expedition, 11 people connected with the Apollo program died. 7 people died in car accidents and 3 burnt down in test capsules although they were high-class pilots. Is it possible that the people were liquidated because they wouldn't keep the secret about the fake Moon expedition?

    As the Northrop Grumman corporation, the one that developed and constructed the Moon robot, told an American magazine that all negatives and records concerning the event were liquidated. It is rather strange, because we know that America treats its achievements and the history with trepidation.

    What do you think of it?
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    Plenty more of other Apollo and Moon Hoaxes right here. The Einstein was Wrong Series is also worth noting and particularly amusing. Happy reading:

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    Even in 1969 the Russians had the cabability of telling if a radio signal was comming from the moon. If it was a hoax and we did not go to the moon, then why did the Russians remain silent? Are you now going to tell me that the Russians were in on it?
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    I like how the article basically says that anyone who believes we went to the moon has the intelligence of a child with such statements as...

    School children don't know anything.
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    Those have to be some of the most lame arguments I have seen yet.

    Actually, 160 kg on Earth is 160 kg on the moon. I guess conspiracy theorists and school kids don't know anything.
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    This has been discussed to death. Another same old same old conspiracy thread bites the dust.

    Ooops, sorry Ivan, I forgot where I was.
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    Wow, Where to start...
    Okay, first off 160kg is pretty damn heavy for an astronaut, that puts him at 352lbs Earth weight. (Better start cutting back on that Tang!) Even if that includes the EVA suit mass of 55kg(120lbs Earth weight.), your astronaut would still be 231lbs.

    A more reasonable number would be 80kg for the Astronaut (175lbs Earth weight)
    Okay this means that an astronaut who weighs 175lbs in his skin on the Earth will weigh about (175+120)/6 = 49 lbs on the moon in his EVA suit, or about 28% of his normal Earth weight. His mass however will be 168% of his normal "walking around" mass. Meaning that it will take 68% more force to get moving forward at a given speed and 68% more force to come to a stop.
    Add in the facts that the force of friction between the astronaut and the ground is porportional to his weight, and thus 28% that he would expect for any given surface and the fact that his suit severely restricts his moblility and alters his center of gravity.
    It is no wonder that the astronauts were deliberate with their movements; Prefering low short hops to long bounding leaps. As the latter, especially for someone who has not had a long time to adjust to the new conditions, is a good way to take a bad fall, injure your self, or even crack your faceplate open on a exposed rock.
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